The Battle for the NHS

The past few weeks have seen politicians entrench themselves in their position (or on the fence in the Liberal Democrat case) over the NHS reform plans.

The details are minute and often tedious: at a disgustingly simplified level Cameron wants more private sector involvement in the service while the Labour Party is naturally opposed to what seems an attack on a British institution.

While it may be disgustingly simplified, this is the level at which this argument is not uncommonly presented. Various pressure groups have been campaigning with their mission simply to stop the tory cuts. While they are right to campaign, the battle doesn’t seem to be defined in the grounds of the NHS- rather a residing distaste for the last election.

Campaigning against these and any cuts must remain intellectual- saying no repeatedly in an argument is far less effective than making reasoned debate. The anti-cut lobby must make some concessions- money is needed to be cut, and it cannot be done comfortably anywhere.

Labour can continue to criticise, but they still haven’t made a coherent portrayal of how they would be dealing with the necessary cuts.


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