Nick Clegg- The Face-Saving Campaign



In the aftermath of the Liberal Democrats’ disastrous election results, Nick Clegg has made a statement that could boost LibDem confidence.

In order to demonstrate the libdem’s influence within the coalition, Clegg has promised to veto the existing plans for NHS reform.

As far as Government legislation is concerned, no bill is better than a bad one, and I want to get this right. Protecting the NHS, rather than undermining it, is now my number one priority.

“I am not going to ask Liberal Democrat MPs and peers to proceed with legislation on something as precious and cherished – particularly for Liberal Democrats – as the NHS unless I personally am satisfied that what these changes do is an evolutionary change in the NHS and not a disruptive revolution.”

This comes the morning after Ed Miliband had called for disillusioned Liberal MP’s to defect to labour.

Clegg insists the Liberal Democrats have ‘a platform from which we can recover’ but concedes:

‘The lesson I have learnt listening to people on the doorsteps is that people want a louder Liberal Democrat voice in Government.’


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  1. Thank you..really informative!!

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